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Is an outdated lift hindering your building’s functionality, aesthetics, or even sustainability goals? At Arrival Lifts, we believe every lift deserves a chance to shine. We understand the challenges of ageing lifts and offer expert lift modernisation services across the south-east. Our decades of experience and passion for innovation enable us to craft bespoke solutions that address your specific needs. Modernisation is often a smarter choice than a full replacement. From enhancing accessibility to reducing energy consumption, we’ll help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.

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Lift car refurbishment

Lift car refurbishment offers a cost-effective way to modernise without requiring a full replacement. It is a cosmetic upgrade that redefines your entire building. Unlike reactive repairs, refurbishment allows you to proactively improve the user experience. Imagine brighter, welcoming LED lighting replacing dull fluorescents, sleek panels replacing outdated finishes, and user-friendly touchscreens enhancing accessibility. We can even incorporate accessibility features like braille signage and audio announcements to ensure that all passengers can operate the lift with ease and ride in comfort.


Mechanical and controller upgrades

Upgrade outdated motors and drives to minimise downtime and maintenance costs. Modern controllers offer smoother, faster journeys while reducing energy consumption as well as advanced safety features like remote monitoring and diagnostics, ensuring peace of mind. The new components will comply with the latest regulations, keeping your lift safe and legally compliant. Modernisation allows you to prioritise specific upgrades, addressing your most pressing needs within your budget.

Sustainable and cost-effective solutions

Modernisation isn’t just about style and performance but can also improve the sustainability of your site. Reduce your lift’s environmental impact and energy bills by choosing energy-efficient components. Regenerative drive systems capture energy during descent, putting it back into the grid. LED lighting provides brighter illumination while using less energy. Smart control systems further minimise consumption by optimising lift operation.

Investing in greener solutions not only benefits the environment but also translates to cost savings. Modernisation can be undertaken in phases. You can prioritise the most urgent needs and address other concerns later, allowing you to spread the investment over time. This can prove to be a cheaper process than a full replacement.